This page will be updated periodically with improvement projects that have been completed on the property. 

Pines Course Collar Regrassing

In February 2013, the maintenance department at Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf club, completed a project to replace the collars on the Pines Course. There were several reasons for completing this project:

  • To establish a Bentgrass collar around each green on the Pines Course
  • For each green to have an identical width collar of 18 inches wide. 
  • Expand the 5th green to reincorporate the back and right hand sides that had been lost over time, allowing for better pin placement rotation and location.
  • For each green to have a defined collar/rough and collar/green line for clear definition for both golfers and maintenance staff.
  • To greatly improve the playability of the collars

Prior to the work that was completed by an outside contractor, Total Turf, the superintendents marked where they wanted the green/collar edge to be as a guide for the operators who were going to strip the sod around each green. 

When the contractor arrived, they cut an eighteen inch strip for the collar followed by an eighteen inch sod strip for a rough that would be placed at the current rough/collar line.

The photo above shows the 14th green with the two strips of sod removed for a total of thirty six inches. The soil is gently raked and smoothed to allow for the sod to be laid.

Next, two types of sod are laid. A creeping bentgrass sod to be mowed at collar height and a strip of fescue rough sod, to be mowed at our normal rough height. The photo above shows the two strips after they were laid and cut together.

For the fifth green expansion, a different process was followed. Rather than lay creeping bentgrass sod for this expansion, Poa annua sod was harvested from the collars. We picked the sod that was in the best condition and had a uniformity similar to the greens on the golf course. If a pure bentgrass sod was laid there, the playing surface would appear and play differently than the rest of the green Poa / Bentgrass surface.

Here you can see the new bentgrass collar, the fescue rough and the patch work done to expand the green with harvested Poa annua sod. 

This sod will not be immediately playable at putting green surface height as there is still some work to do incorporate it into the same consistency as the regular putting surface. The area will be topdressed several times and mowed over several weeks with a steady incremental decrease in height to prevent any damage or stress to the turf.  

This photo shows the first application of topdressing that was applied. The sand is shoveled in, brushed into the turfgrass with a broom, and then worked into the turfgrass plant crown with water (rainfall in this case) to provide a smooth surface and transition from collar height to greens height turfgrass.